#LVLURPUSSYUP | JUNE 5: The Real Paris Fallout

The days six biggest moments in just 60 seconds so you can keep fighting that good fight.

1) 12 states plus Puerto Rico now make up the US Climate Alliance with 7 others likely to join soon. The US Climate Alliance: the rogue national parks twitter of fighting climate change. Official US? #Unfollowed (Learn more about the Climate Alliance).

2) Multiple groups are suing the White House Regime for halting an Obama Era methane regulation without due process. Methane, for those of you new to caring about climate change, is worse than CO2. So, yes, we care (The Hill).

3) Longtime US Ambassador to China, David Rank, resigned in an act of protest, rather than deliver the news that the US had pulled out of the Paris Agreement. This will surely not bid well for DJT's future hand squeezes/death grips (Twitter Moment).

4) With countries, states, businesses, and individuals taking bolder stances against climate change since DJT pulled out, I don't wanna say it but maybe this is what we needed to actually get stuff done.

5) One of the reason's Chief of Staff Priebus still has his job is because nobody else wants it (Politico). However, I'd like to officially announce my interest in becoming Chief of Staff for the 45th President of the United States. And soon, the 46th!

6) And journalists in Venezuela are using cardboard cutouts shaped like TVs to deliver news broadcasts on public buses that would otherwise be censored by the government. More than 60 people have been killed in protests in Venezuela since April (Twitter Moment).

Every day is a chance to get better.

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