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1) Anderson Cooper told Jeffrey Lord, former assistant political director for Reagan who loves DJT -- go figure -- that if DJT took a dump on his desk, he would defend it. Because Anderson, like the rest of us, has continually had enough. (The Hill)

2) Jared Kushner wasn't high on anyone's radar, that is until it surfaced the White House was trying to block Mueller from investigating him. Now everyone wants to know what Kushner did. Thanks for the tip! (Independent)

3) The incessant Sheriff Clarke who is reportedly getting a job in the Department of Homeland Security, is currently being called out by Veterans for wearing a fake military uniform. Not only are his medals fake -- he was never even in the military! (Salon)

4) Elijah Daniels and Christine Sydelko created a song with Aaron Carter, AKA Lil Aaron. It's called Shooketh and it's released tonight. (YouTube)

5) Fox News kicked off its first day after the death of its racist, misogynist creator by firing one of its hosts for saying something racist. Good for you Fox News. You're like a bubbly swamp with a gas bubble we thought was going to explode and be gross but then it didn't. (Variety)

6) And Liam Payne released his first solo single today and it's lyrically super sexy but also musically super weak which is sad bc Liam is aesthetically super sexy. Maybe he should pull a Louis and just go take care of his fake baby. (YouTube)


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